We always standby You!


Q: I surfed the website and found out your website. There are wide range output voltage, mechanical types on plugs packs, chargers and open frame. Sounds interesting. May I ask if you have any distributors in Germany? If no, how to purchase your products?


A: Thanks for you interested in our products. Now, we have some customers there, however, no contracted ones. So, we suggest you purchase from us directly. Customers are satisfied with our quality, service and professional suggestions.


Sorry from your description, I don’t know whether you are distributor or not. If yes, please tell us your proposal. And then, we can discuss it. We take ODM and OEM projects too.


Yes, we have completed products lines on adapters, chargers and open frames. If possible, please visit the products on the website. Besides them, while what you need isn’t the standards, please don’t give up and inquire with us. Our engineer will check and research if any possibility to modify the standard for closing your demand or shall start a new design. All what we do is provide your application with the most suitable and competitive solution.


In order not to waste times or opportunity, please don’t hesitate to inquire us just now. Thank you.